Polyphonic Ensemble 2006 + 2007
conducted improvisation
by reni hofmüller
Polyphonic Ensemble is a sound structuring system:
first the sound is defined in a set of groups: language, rhythm, noise, silence.
The participating musicians/dj's/real time composers choose material from their acoustic archives following these descriptions; second the participants are subdivided in groups defined by colours. third the composer becomes the conducter; the conducting material is a series of drawings that contain colour and sound specification, the conducter sets the timeline by switching from one drawing to the next.

Based on printouts of the KORG Polyphonic Ensemble I sketched a visual structure for the improvisation work, and simply drew it on paper copies of the KORG signal pathing... You have to imagine it like that: we used 1 beamer and projected the partitura there. so the performers as well as the audience saw all instructions comming. my role as a conducter was to decide when to step to the next slide.

So the participating musicians/djs/realtime composers chose 1 colour out of 3, and followed the instructions comming from the screen. Of course this can be anything, it does not have to be realted to any other instrumument, you can infact just write down the commands - the only really important thing in such a setting is, that the participants get the subdivision for sound before that; in this setting, as we did it, it was three sound groups:

and that is basically it.