Polyphonic Ensemble at [prologue]2 in Graz, 7.5.06

conducted by reni hofmüller

performed by
tatiana de la o | emu | anita hofer | jogi hofmüller | sushila mesquita | | ester straganz | nicole pruckermayr | maru | eva ursprung | gottfried krienzer | rama

2nd [prologue] symposion meeting

and here is the sound
polyphonic in graz

  p-e-graz1-01 p-e-graz1-02 p-e-graz1-03 p-e-graz1-04 p-e-graz1-05  

  p-e-graz1-06 p-e-graz1-07 p-e-graz1-08 p-e-graz1-09 p-e-graz1-10  

  p-e-graz1-11 p-e-graz1-12 p-e-graz1-13 p-e-graz1-14 p-e-graz1-15  

  p-e-graz1-16 p-e-graz1-17 p-e-graz1-18 p-e-graz1-19 p-e-graz1-20  

  p-e-graz1-21 p-e-graz1-22 p-e-graz1-23 p-e-graz1-24 p-e-graz1-25  

  p-e-graz1-26 p-e-graz1-27 p-e-graz1-28 p-e-graz1-29 p-e-graz1-30  

  p-e-graz1-31 p-e-graz1-32 p-e-graz1-33  

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