Polyphonic Ensemble in Beograd 18.10.2006

conducted by reni hofmüller

performed by
soaziq | eva | peggy | vlidi | semra | pepe | milan | sandra | billy j

10th Anniversary of Zene na Delu

and here is the sound
as ogg-file polyphonic in beograd
as mp3-file polyphonic in beograd

  p-e-beograd01 p-e-beograd02 p-e-beograd03 p-e-beograd04 p-e-beograd05  

  p-e-beograd06 p-e-beograd07 p-e-beograd08 p-e-beograd09 p-e-beograd10  

  p-e-beograd11 p-e-beograd12 p-e-beograd13 p-e-beograd14 p-e-beograd15  

  p-e-beograd16 p-e-beograd17 p-e-beograd18 p-e-beograd19 p-e-beograd20  

  p-e-beograd21 p-e-beograd22 p-e-beograd23  

created with igal